Advertsuite 2.0 Review Bonus Advertsuite NOT to be missed!

World Leading Social Ads Spy Software Is Back with Advertsuite 2.0

Advertsuite 2.0 (new version) has become the number 1 tool to create successful Ads for a reason – it ALWAYS is relevant with what is working now. Users can now search deeper than ever before.

This article will make sure that you’ll know everything you need to know.



AdvertSuite is a database with tens of millions Facebook ads in it.

They also support ads displayed on the Instagram, YouTube and Google advertising platforms. But to access ads on these platforms you’ll need to buy an upgrade (I’ll get to these upsells later on). The core product supports exclusively Facebook ads, which is what I use it for mostly.

Vendor: Luke Maguire
Product: ADVERTSUITE 2.0
Launch Date: 2022-Sep-21
Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Commission: 50%
JV Page:
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: Software




Mr Maguire had graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Business and a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and one of his favourite subjects had been internet marketing, which at the time was “primitive”.

But he realised it was going to be the way of the future, and decided to set up one of Australia’s first social media agencies, Social Media Mansion, in 2010.

It was far from an overnight success, with many businesses laughing in his face and rejecting his services under the assumption that Facebook was “just for kids” and not companies.

But slowly, the idea started to catch on, and the company started to thrive.

“I was learning as I was going and I wasn’t an expert – I was just doing something nobody else was, and slowly and surely businesses realised they needed social media,” Mr Maguire told

As the business started to grow, he discovered certain tasks he “hated” doing, including posting content on social media at all hours as there was no scheduling technology at that time.

He didn’t know how to develop a solution himself, but reached out to some leading marketers in the US to ask for a mentorship.

Instead, they offered to teach him how to develop and market online solution packages at a cost of $30,000 and a percentage of his software idea.



Remove The Guesswork Of FB Ads

Advertsuite shows you exactly what ads are working NOW (and what are NOT) so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t work – Search for KEYWORDS, Niches, Competitors and even domains to see what ads are running & more importantly winning.

Generate Buyer Traffic Today With Ads

Remove the need to test, change, edit ads by allowing Advertsuite
to SHOW you the best performing ads in your niche.

Competitor Breakdown

Advertsuite will show you ANY competitors running ads along with theirl anding page in 1 dashboard so you can see what works and replicate.

Worlds Largest FBAds Database

Advertsuite gives you the worlds largest fb ads library to search with over 80 million ads from 15 different countries with thousands of new ads added daily.



Demographic &Engagement Filters

These allow you to search ads based on gender, age, marital status & location along with searching most likes, comments or shares to see what users are engaging with the most.


Geo locationfilters
Hate not knowing which countries to target? Advertsuite breaks down where any ad is being shown to allow you to better identify the audience you are targeting.

Video & Image AdIntegration

With video ads being a leading ad strategy, Advertsuite will show you what video ads are working the best for YOUR niche in TODAYS market.
Call To ActionBased Sorting
Advertsuite will allow you to filter ads according to their call to
action to show you what is the right call to action for your campaign
and niche.

Ad positionfiltering

Ever wondered what ads perform better in the news feed
vs side bar? Advertsuite solves this by showing you what
currently is working best in both.


 Funnel Breakdown Module

Advertsuite will not only show you the winning ADS, but also allow you to see the landing page the traffic is being sent to in 1 dashboard – allowing you to replicate the winning funnels.

WHAT IS NEW WITH Advertsuite 2.0 IN 2022?

Over 80 Million NEW ads AND Ad types added to dominate ANY niche without ever TESTING ads

Since 2019 we’ve added millions of ads every single 

month ALONG with over 10 types of NEW ads that Facebook, Insta, Google & Youtube have added.From Instagram story ads, video ads, side column ads, third party site ads, retargeting ads, you name it Advertsuite has it & allows you to never spend money testing what works because Advertsuite SHOWS you.

Instantly dominate on Instagram, Youtube & Google ads at a time with our AI syndication suite.

Advertsuite allows you to now search & see every Instagram, Google and Youtube ads unlike ever before.

Advertsuite 1.0 had basic search’s for these platforms but focused primarily on FB ads, but in 2022 Insta, Youtube & Google ads are core platforms people use to create sales & Advertsuite has moved to be the true 1 stop shop for the big 4 platforms. This syndication will be oto1.

Create Huge Lists & Sales With Our AI Funnel Search Software

Want to search ads that go direct to a funnel page & instantly be able to build a funnel that wins? Use Advertsuites FUNNEL search to find ads that only go to a clickfunnels, lead pages or ANY funnel site. This is perfect for those list building, doing affiliate, ecom or local marketing.

Find winning Ecom products & ads in ANY niche With our Ecom Search Feature

Advertsuite allows you to see ads that ONLY go to a shopify, magneto or woocommerce store along with showing you the ads (and products) that actually make sales.

Simply enter your niche, 1 click filter the winners & replicate, or use Advertsuite to find products that ARE selling right now OR select ads that are running in past 6 months, the opportunities here are endless.


Affiliate Marketing + Special Interest search feature (FINALLY be able to promote offers & niches such as CBD, mens health, crypto etc)

Dramatically increase your income without ever worried of getting banned. One of the biggest problems many advertisers have is knowing how to create ads that promote 

an affiliate offer or a ‘gray area’ niche such as CBD, gambling, crypto etc WITHOUT getting banned.

Advertsuite 2.0 allows you to directly search the top niches that users have issues with & HOW to promote these links & niches by showing you the winning (and losing) ads that follow the TOPS to allow them to do so.

This is game changing as these niche’s are less competitive (due to TOS breaks) but are EXTREMELY profitable with a small few taking the lions share. Now you can to.


Now in the next part of my AdvertSuite review, let’s go over pricing, because there are a few things that you should be aware of when purchasing this software.

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Hopefully, with my honest review about Advertsuite 2.0, I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. Thank you so much for reading my Advertsuite 2.0 Reviews!

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